Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Burlington Panoramic

Here is a Panoramic i took on monday night
of Burlingtons coastline

Click to see a larger version, I plan on printing this. but it will be about 30" long and 12" high just for the photo not to mention a matte. and frame

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Windy City

A very windy day (80+ km/h winds). let some local wind surfers loose. and i was lucky enought to grab some action.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Leaves - Burlington

I stopped by a field near my parents home and took this picture.. nothing fancy. just like the colours

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

THE SKY IS FALLING.. No i just updated my blog

What you may ask is this. an update within a year of the last one.,.. well yes its true.

Here is an update since the last one on my life

Well im an Now Married to Jen! YAY! wedding was great. all went really well
Jens Great :)

we went to mexico for our honeymoon. mexico is very cool nice place.
hotel was the Riu Palace Mexico. a really nice place. i very much recommend it.

I am working full time for a marketing company in mississauga
the work is good. graphics stuff

we just got some Guinea Pigs. its for Jens Birthday they are cute and dont make much noise.

I am now living in an apartment with jen in burlington. right near Brant and Prospect
its pretty good

um what else.. i donno.
take care

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

why do i even try

sometimes i signup for different things. thinking oh yes this is neat.. i will use this all the time. its the next best thing..but no.. like my blog for example.. in the 6 months or whatever ive had it .. this is my 3rd post.. so really no one really cares.
me included. but its still up and im bored at the moment so here goes.

here is an update on my life.

im working at Metropolitan printing aprox 30 hrs a week. doing graphic work. and very slowly learning how to run a press
also working on the program guide for the sound of music festival a big project but very doable with my current set of skills
working on making invitation and bottle labels for my wedding in september
got a new used car.. 1999 forester. its pretty good. have some minor things i still need to work out. but im confident everthging will go well.

i would like to not care if i make any typos , as correcting typos is a pain and no one really cares if i do it or not. well maybe jen but thatrs it. oh same goes for punctuation. I dont have great grammer or punctuation skills and when i type without looking at the screen or keyboard. sometimes stuff i write goews wonky.. im not sorry for this .. but this little piece of text really isnt signifiant enough to justify wanted to proof it.. like who cares really..

so,,,,,, k im done

thanks for reading :) take care