Tuesday, October 19, 2004

as promised

well as i promised. I have been very good at not updating this blog thing.

System Status Update:

Me and Jen have picked the RBG as a our ceremony site for Sep 3rd of 2005
I am working 3 jobs sometimes all the same time (so it feels)
somehow i still dont have any money... yet i dont feel like im spending it on things.
if you dont consider gas a thing.. this may be accurate..

ive been surfin the net looking for cheapie homes to live in once i get hitched.


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Busy Little Bee

Well, as promised im not updating regularly

I have been quite busy working on some Graphics Contracts and workint two other Jobs.. makes my time very hard to manage especially with a wonderful and demanding fiance, It becomes sometimes very hard to make everyone happy.. one the one hand I know i have things to do. on the other I want to spend as much time with Jen as i can. and its hard to say. I have to work now. and I feel bad for sometimes seeming to push her away. Luckily my contract ended on tuesday (yesterday) and now im only working 2 part time jobs instead of 1 full, 2 part.. so it seems alot less stressful.

anyways we are going camping this weekend. leaving on Friday back on tuesday.
to Mew Lake in Algonquin park. There was a long. almost heated discussion if i should bring Cody, My huge Energetic Golden Retriever.. in the end its a No.. but maybe next time.. or maybe me and cody will go out on our own. one weekend or something.

I want to next spring/fall to go Portag'ing in algonquin. canoe and all.. never been as of yet. but i think it would be a good experience.


Saturday, September 11, 2004


Well lets see. after a few prod's and pushes i finally got myself a blog.. shall i use it? i dont know.
in all likely hood i will for the first week and then never again..

lets find out!

anyways thanks for stop'n by.. leave a message or two!