Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Busy Little Bee

Well, as promised im not updating regularly

I have been quite busy working on some Graphics Contracts and workint two other Jobs.. makes my time very hard to manage especially with a wonderful and demanding fiance, It becomes sometimes very hard to make everyone happy.. one the one hand I know i have things to do. on the other I want to spend as much time with Jen as i can. and its hard to say. I have to work now. and I feel bad for sometimes seeming to push her away. Luckily my contract ended on tuesday (yesterday) and now im only working 2 part time jobs instead of 1 full, 2 part.. so it seems alot less stressful.

anyways we are going camping this weekend. leaving on Friday back on tuesday.
to Mew Lake in Algonquin park. There was a long. almost heated discussion if i should bring Cody, My huge Energetic Golden Retriever.. in the end its a No.. but maybe next time.. or maybe me and cody will go out on our own. one weekend or something.

I want to next spring/fall to go Portag'ing in algonquin. canoe and all.. never been as of yet. but i think it would be a good experience.



Superhappyjen said...

It was NOT an almost heated discussion. It didn't even make it to luke warm on the scale of McNicoll discussions. Remember I'm not a Filipowicz...yet.

I feel bad about making you leave poor Cody at home. When we have our own place there'll be noone at home to look after your giant golden retriever and we'll HAVE to take him everywhere then.

Superhappyjen said...

BTW: How come Possession isn't in your list of favourite books?

Superhappyjen said...

Also, you need a link to my blog on your blog. Because you love me :)

Superhappyjen said...

Okay. Now I'm still waiting for that pic of your simian hands. I want to gawk!

Love you

~Becca~ said...

I Want to go in Spring with you guys. I'll steal my Moms Canoe, And maybe we can get some maps for a nice portage. I've only done it once, But we went 3 days in and circled back out. It was alot of fun!

i have a wedding and Stuff to plan, So I don't know when it would be perfect to do it. But remember I want to go?

I hope you have fun Camping


Superhappyjen said...
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Superhappyjen said...

In order to go portaging we would have to learn to pack less than one percent of our normal camping luggage. Or at least I have to learn how to stuff a sleeping bag back into its tiny baggie!

Adam Filipowicz said...

now i regret not bringing Cody