Friday, August 24, 2007

Real Robotic Muscles

I found out about this new amazing robotic muscle technology
have a quick look at this vide

Engagdets description of it all

"Yeah, we've seen some pretty fancy robotic arm work already this year, but Festo is out to show 'em all up with its fluidic muscle-packin' Airic's_arm. This robotic prosthesis sports a "bone structure" which mimics that found on a real live human, and can be moved via the 30 "muscles" built within. Essentially, Festo's approach to movement relies on "an elastomer tube reinforced by aramid fibers, which contract quickly and exert a pulling force when they're filled with a blast of compressed air or liquid." Of course, you'll notice it doesn't offer quite the same range as less bionic alternatives, but this thing's pretty accurate, indeed. Check it out for yourself, the video's right down there."

More info found here

Monday, August 06, 2007

MIT researchers work toward spark-free, fuel-efficient engines

Cambridge (MA) – MIT researchers have developed a fuel-efficient car engine that doesn’t use a spark to ignite fuel.  The homogeneous charge compression ignition engine (HCCI) combines elements from standard spark ignition and diesel engines.  Researchers say the engines cut pollution and improve fuel economy by several miles per gallon.

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