Monday, June 19, 2006

If i could change the world

If I could change the world. Here is what I would do.
(assuming I had unlimited control and power/influence) like the power of the Q from Star Trek

unite all countries under one form of government, so basically it would be a world government with provinces (countries now).

I would get rid of organized religion and church. But encourage personal belief’s

Protect all animals that are endangered. Including whales, seals.. any any needlessly hunted animals. (for furs, accessories.etc)

Destroy all pointless weapons ,especially mines, nuclear bombs, machine guns, hand guns.

I would encourage the building of a space elevator. To make space tourism possible.

Provide high speed wireless free internet access to the world.

Fund the genetic engineering of crops that wont die or atleast need little water so that they can grow in dry places.

Spread food and wealth around the world. So that there is no more 1st, 2nd and 3rd world countries.. everyone is equal.

Make English the language of the world (questionable), but still encourage a hertitage language.

Make cigarettes illegal. Stop manufacturing. Huge fines. Taxes, destroy any remaining stockpiles.

Encourage fuel cell. And fully electric vehicles.

Try to stop using fossil fuels whenever possible.

Encourage the thought that . more research is better then the cheaper way out.

Build a space ship to explore our solar system

Encourage research on alternate forms of space propulsion.

Colonize the moon and mars. (begin terraforming mars)

Develop robots to assits that can help us do anything.

Encourage working from home

Build communities that are as self sustained as possible. So that lots of travel isn’t necessary

Make all homes have solar panels. So they can power the world energy grid or use it..

Make a typical work week from Tuesday – Friday – 10am – 4pm

Make spam illegal. (prob is already)

Make universal health care available to everyone. Everywhere. (including full dental, chiropractic, drug ) at no charge

A 10% income tax everywhere. With no sales or service tax on anything

Build smaller vehicles to transport people.

Make a government run airline service. Providing inexpensive travel anywhere to anyone

Provide free, housing for everyone. If unemployed (small homes. No luxuries) to help eliminate homeless

Provide mental help for homeless in institutions.

Consolidate the worlds armys into one. Global force to global defence

Create a global defence system. Incase of off world attackers.

Restore the ozone layer.

Restore the pollution in the air to levels 5000 years ago

Ban coal burning or anything that pollutes the air substantially

Free internet telephone for all (including internet based VOIP cell phones)

One standard to High Def DVD’s!

Make apple computers the one and only choice :P

Bring back start trek. With a new episode every week.

Make it so if you are convicted of a crime. Like murder or rape. You are sentenced to life in prison. By life I mean.. in jail until you die. Or are given the choice of death after 20 years in prison

Create a GPS network 1000 times more accurate and able to work anywhere (in buildings, forests or underground or underwater) and have it intergrated into all vehicles. Watches, cell phones, homes, planes or anyting else that’s mobile that could use the functionaility

Make amusement parks free.

Make movies cheaper and popcorn a reasonable price

Pour trillions into health research.

Make pharmaceutical drugs cheap. With no markup.. drugs provided at cost. And available for free to those who cannot afford them.

Online voting mandatory. For any significant change in government policy

Biometic (iris and fingerprint) used for all financial transactions

Global id card (multipass)

Invent the Flying Car! (bout time) and the hoverboard cause its cool

Bring back the delorean

Invent a new kind of battery that can last a month. Takes 2 minutes to charge and weights next to nothing , and is very small and provides lots of power)

Free public transportation systems (buses, taxi, and trains)

If possible create a replicator (like on star trek)

If possible create a transporter (like on star trek)

And a holideck (heck just make the good stuff from star trek a reality)

What would you like to make the world a better place, yes this is somewhat silly. but thats ok.


Superhappyjen said...

I like other languages, I wouldn't want EVERYONE to have to speak English. Also I don't think anyone would make any money in your world. Probably okay, since housing and drugs are free, but still. Maybe we would have to go back to the trade and barter system.

~Becca~ said...

Wow, Adam, Thats a pretty impressive entry, There is lots I would want to do to change the world, but it would take me a good amount of time to think of it all. :)