Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Family update

As always its been a long time since my last entry. its been an interesting time
Just thought i would post an update on our lives.. in random order

We still have the Subaru Forester and its running ok.. nothing serious at the moment.. had some work done last month.. still need to switch over to summer tires. Im driving my dads Toyota Rav4 to work.. and this fall my parents offered to give us there Mazda CX7 which is really awesome and generous of them. William turned 4 in feb, time really flies fast. hard to believe he is alreaedy 4.. He is signed up to go to school this fall at Bruce T lindley just around the corner. We sold our pool last fall and now our backyard has a big hole where the pool was, our plan is to open it up so the kids have room to run around. William is super into Toy Guns, and computer games. Hotwheels are still a bit part of his life.., Jadzia is growing up fast, becoming more independent everyday. she is still a cutie. but is having trouble listening, and recently seemed to love to attack the walls with various household objects.. child locks have recently been reinstalled in various places. He has a big girl bed donated from Opa and Omi, but it has no fancy frame like Williams Bed.. its on my TODO list.. hopefully it will be done before she is too old and things is cheezy.

I am still working for Endo in a great job.,

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