Monday, September 11, 2006

Boy? Girl?

This coming Thursday, Jennifer has an ultrasound , she will be 20weeks by then
and hopefully we will find out if we will have a boy or a girl.

I cant say what i would like more.. only because i dont know. sometimes I hope its a boy.. sometimes a girl.. but in the end it doesnt really matter. i really hope its healthy and normal (normal for us)

I did feel quite jealous when our friends Becca & Drew told us they were having a boy (they are about 2 weeks more pregnant then Jen & I)

anyways I will keep you posted. its exciting and i cant wait to find out.. and i hope i actually find out. We will try and get a video of the ultrasound and maybe i will post it online

Stay Tuned


~Becca~ said...

Aww Adam,

I'm Flattered that your jealous, cause it means you think we got somthing good going on :)

I'm so Excited to know what you guys are having too! You know we will be waiting on edge for that phone call!!

Can't wait to find out!


Superhappyjen said...

Now you've gone and jinxed it. We'll never find out now.