Saturday, September 23, 2006

If I had a crazy amount of Money.

If I somehow won or inherited a crazy amount of money I would go on a spending spree (well first i would take 80% or so and invest it to that i have enough for the rest of my life) and the rest i would spend on high end gizmos gadgets and cool things.
I thought i would dream about all the material items I would like. but dont really need. cause its fun to dream. so here is a list!


Subaru Impreza STI
Aprox $50,000
Ive liked subarus for a long time. having driven them since ive had my license. I always dreamed of this car.. in the classic blue!im sure i could use this as my daily commuter

Aston Martin Vanquish S
Aprox $255,000 USD
Now I must say I love this car.. its not the fastest car in the world but I do believe it is one of the most beautiful.
not that 6.0 Liters of V12 goodness and 520HP wont do me for a while.

I havent ridden a bike in a while but would love to get back into it.

BMW R1200 GS Adventure
My real first bike was really my dads a R100GSPD, a great bike. i miss it. but my dad moved on to bigger and faster things
but i think i would get this one. since i dont feel im a fast typa guy on a bike. and that this one seems mean enough
$aprox 17,000 USD


Being an Apple Guy i cant help to choose this computer

Apple Mac Pro workstation
but i would ofcourse Fill it up with the best i could get!
here are some specs
Dual Xeon 3.0GHZ Dual Core processors (4 cores)
16GB Ram, 2 TD of Hard drive space
Dual 30" Apple Cinema Displays
Nvidia Quadro FX 4500 with 512MB
Dual DVD Burners all for a Cool $17,000 USD
Plus I would prob get a topofthe line Mac Book Pro laptop which would run me about $3500
and an IPOD 80Gb for $349


Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II
Truly the best Digital SLR Camera Body one can buy
for only $8000

Now some lenses
Canon EF - 16-35 F2.8
Canon EF - 24-70 F2.8
Canon EF - 70-200 F2.8 IS
Canon EF 24mm F1.4
Canon EF 50mm F 1.2L
Canon EF 85mm F 1.2 II USM
Canon EF 135mm F2 USM L
Canon EF 300mm F4 IS USM
Canon EF 400mm F 2.8
Canon EF 600mm F 4 IS
Canon Extender 1.4 and 2x
Canon EF 180mm Macro F3.5
Canon EF 100mm Macro 2.8
Canon Speedlight 580ex

The value of all these lenses.. whoa.. um im guessing around 20,000
Im being Greedy i know but its fun!'

Thats it for now but i will keep adding more!

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~Becca~ said...

The Cars are cool, but put an extra camera on your wishlist for me :)