Sunday, November 05, 2006

What to know about me

I got an email asking me about things about myself
and thought i would post this on my blog

1. What time did you get up this morning? 8:15 AM (Slept in!)

2. Diamonds or pearls? im a Guy.. so Titanium but if i have to choose one of those.. Diamonds it is.. I can sell them and buy some cool electronics

3. What was the last film you saw at the movies? Man of the Year, But i want to go see Borat.. today

4. What is your favourite TV show? Hmm.. How Its Made, and Daily Planet., and Star Trek

5. What do you have for breakfast? Cream of Wheat! it rocks.. makes me feel like im 5 again

6. What is your middle name(S)? Christopher after My dad

7. What is your favourite cuisine? Polish food or Italian.. Cabbage Rolls and Spaghetti Rock

8. What foods do you dislike? Mustard, Brocolli and Califlower, Liver

9. What is your favourite crisp flavour? Crisp Flavor?? Sugar Crisp. probably salt.. or ketchup

10. What is your favourite CD at the moment? - "Barenaked Ladies are Me" by BNL

11. What type of car do you drive? 1999 Subaru Forester

12. What characteristics do you despise? Deception, lying ,fakeness

13. Favourite item of clothing? Leather Jacket

14. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation? Europe

15. Favourite brand of clothing? um.. unripped. and clean. othwerwize columbia

16. Where would you like to retire to? Ryza

17. Favourite time of the day? any time im not working

18. What was your most memorable birthday? I can't remember :)
19. Where were you born? Lubartow, Poland

20. Favourite sport to watch? your serious.. um. chess or lawn darts

21. Who do you least expect to send this back to you?.. considering its no longer an email.. no one

22. Who do you expect to send it back first? Jen

23. What fabric detergent do you use? whats detergent?. I dont clean things.. except dishes and for dished i use those things that come in little wrapped tabs cant remembe the brand..

24. Coke or Pepsi? Coke

25. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Night owl. i dont like getting up in the morning especially before 8

26. What is your shoe size? 10.5 - 11 depending on the type of shoe

27. Do you have any pets? Cody is my Dog but he doesnt live with us. he lives with my Parents.. Jen has a Guinea Pig named Lokai. but I dont really consider him my pet

28. What did you want to be when you were little? Police Man, Army dude, Car Designer, Graphic Designer

29. When is your birthday? July 5th 1978 is when i was born

Shampoo? Head and Shoulders.

Soap? any soap within arms reach

Summer/Winter? Summer.. But i like driving in the snow in winter

Favourite Advertisement? Any that I created

Book? I liked the Robert Sawyer trilogy of Hominids, Humans and Hybrids

****RIGHT NOW*****************

Wearing? A Gray T-shirt and Underwear

Eating? Just had some Cream of Wheat. but not eating right now exactly

Drinking? just finished a 2-4 of Bewski's.. no Im not drinking

Thinking about? - when this silly survey will end.. and what stroller to buy

Listening to: barenaked ladies are me cd.. before you asked me for my album. so i had to look it up and now its playing

**********THE LAST 24 HOURS**************
Cried? its been a while

Met someone new? I meet people everyday. but have no intention of looking for a new special someone

Cleaned your room? what am i 6? my room has been overtaken my my sister and her old room was turnedinto a guest bedroom. at my parents place.. otherwize my room or apartment hasnt been cleaned recently.. we only tend to clean when we know someone is going to drop by.

Drove a car? Yes. we went shopping somewhere

How many hours sleep? 7.5

*************DO YOU BELIEVE IN* *************

God? No not really.. if there was one religion and everyone believed the same thing.. maybe i would but since 1 Billion believe in this god. 1 billion in that god.. whos to say who is right.. Its all a farse.. There is no God.. sorry but its true..
I wish there was.. maybe then he/she or it would make this world a better place

Yourself? sometimes i do sometimes i dont. depends on how im feeling at a given time.

Santa Claus? only during chritmas when little kids are around

Destiny/Fate? not really.

Ghosts? nah..

**********FRIENDS AND LIFE**********

Who have you known the longest of your friends? Christian Clark

Who do you go to for advice? Jen

When do you cry the most? when im sad

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Superhappyjen said...

Oh come on, when was the last time you asked me for advice? (Not including what kind of oil or margarine to put in the waffles)