Saturday, January 20, 2007

T-minus.. something.. when's the baby showing up!?

so when is this baby coming.. this counter is just for fun.. I do wish it could tell. when the baby will really show up
it would help.. ive been very excitied and antzy.. waiting for him to show up. the baby room is pretty much done.
my family seems excitied. my mom made a great chair for the baby room and my sister keeps calling asking silly questions.
Becca is also ready to pop any moment and I am looking forward to meeting her baby..

Jen seems content. to keeping the baby in forever.. I on the other hand.. cant wait. but what can I do.. i donno..
I hate waiting!


Super Happy Jen said...

I am not content in keeping the baby in forever, i just know he'll be late so I'm not getting antsy yet.

Super Happy Jen said...

Your clock is cut off. Silly. Now the baby will never come!

Adam Filipowicz said...

works great on a Mac.. upgrade!

Super Happy Jen said...

Now you sound like a tampon commercial. How manly.